Hi, I haven't had a period since 2005, I started Menopause. I didn't have much intercourse in that time. I had intercourse around September of this year. I am 53 years old. I had some nausea a couple weeks later and than I started having bad cramps. I took a home pregnancy test and it looked like it came up positive, it was very faint. I took another one and it was negative. I went to my doctors and eventually went to the ER. They took all kinds of tests, they said I had diverticulitis. Never had this before. Anyhow, I took all of my antibiotics and it really never cleared up if this is what it really is. I changed the way I eat and everything. I still get the cramps, they are not as many as I used to have. I have put on some weight and my stomach is unusually swollen, and it feels hard. No breast tenderness yet, the nipples do itch though. Every time I look at my stomach in the mirror I say, OMG! I just keep feeling like I might be pregnant. They say you can have a pregnancy in the abdomen, will that show up positive on a EPT if its there. Need some answers. Thank you. Linda