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I'm new to this but here goes
My last period was roughly the 30th of November, I had unprotected sex with my ex boyfriend on the 15th and he ejaculated into me(don't tell me I'm a stupid teen cause I know what I was doing)
I have no idea how this all works so I told my mum and she said to take a test 4 days after we had sex and I was like what the hell but I did anyway... negative and I assumed it was way too early to test so I waited another 10 days to test again, negative. I had this feeling like I just KNEW i was pregnant and I couldn't stop thinking or even dreaming about it I just had this feeling I was testing way to early and that I was pregnant.
I've had cramps on my right lower stomach... I get very tired easily to a point where 8 hours a night is not enough and then i had a 4 hour nap in the afternoon then go to bed for another 10 hours that night! I'm 2 days over due for my period, I get very hungry easily even if I'm very full I eat again 2 hours later. I have very creamy watery discharge non-stop but do NOT have sore breast or nausea, I have had many headaches the past week also.
I took a test today 2 days after my missed period, negative. What is going on!? Do i just give up on the thought of me being pregnant or do I be safe than sorry and keep treating my body like I have something growing inside of me.
What do I do!?


Hi Samaya,

Testing 4 days after having sex will give you a negative.  It's too early.

Testing now, after your period is due, MAY give you an accurate result.  Did you use your FIRST morning urine?  It's more concentrated so more likely to provide an accurate result.  It's not quantity you want, it's the concentration.  Did you follow all directions carefully?

Sometimes the tests don't work right away.  Give it another week or so and retest.  If nothing by about 10 days past when you expected your period, see your doctor.

Also, sometimes you can just be late.

You would likely have been near peak fertility on the 15th so the odds of pregnancy are about 1 in 5.

Hope it helps.


@medic-dan --- I dunno wat i should do, MLP was back in Nov 10 and til today my period hasn't come yet. I've had missed periods before, but not to this extent. I've taken 6 home pregnancy tests, all neg and all was taken n the morning. I have another 8 days till my period is suppose to come, but if it doesn't should i test again, or should i test again now?


Hi guest,

It's always hard to say if you have irregular periods. Are you comfortable waiting 8 days? If so, that's fine.

If you still don't have your period around then you should check with your doctor. Sometimes the home tests just don't work.

Good luck.