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Hi, so I had sex without prottection i am under 18 years old and i took the plan b pill within 5 days so i should have Not gotten pregnant. well, the other day i took a pregnancy test beacause i havent started my period and i was worried. it turned out i am pregnant, i took another one just to make sure and sure enough it said m pregnant. im freaking out beacause my sister had a baby wen she was 15 and my parents freaked out. i am Not going to tell my parents and i do not want to go through with this pregnancy especially because the father is older and im afraid he might get in trouble it was a one night stand. is there any way i can have an abortion without paying 300 to 600 dollars for the abortion pill or the other abortion thingy.?


Dear Chantelle

I am so sorry to hear your story. You must be really upset.

Please consider very carefully your options. Abortion might seem the simple option now, but you may well regret it later. Many girls who have had an abortion do regret that decision; it has both physical and psychological consequences. Beware of cheap options! Adoption is an option to consider.

Keeping your parents in the dark might work for a while, but they may find out anyway. It would be natural for them to be upset, but you may well want their support in the near future. I think it best to 'face the music' now, rather than disappoint them even more later. Being clandestine with them will impact on your relationship with them anyway. You won't be able to 'carry on as if nothing happened'. They have coped with your sister's pregnancy; they will cope with yours.

The father might get into trouble depending on the laws where you live, but often, if you are over 16, it is not so serious. However laws are there to protect younger people - like you. Someone else might be in the same position as you, especially as this was a 'one night stand'. He needs to face the consequences of his action as much as you do.

If you are in America why not contact someone who can give professional help appropriately (like Focus on the Family).

I hope this helps as a start.



Hey hun, I've had a pregnancy scare when I was about 15 or 16, I was freaking out like you because I knew my parents would not be okay with that. Unlike you, my pregnancy tests came out negative. But I still know how you are feeling and all the emotions you may be feeling.

I have also taken Plan B a few times & if I'm not mistaken, your suppose to do it within 3 days or else it won't work. 5 days seems too long. Babies grow at a rapid rate.

It's unfortunate that you are considering any kind of abortion. You are looking for a cheap & fast way to abort the baby but don't get mistaken, these kind of procedures can ultimately hurt you as well. I wouldn't go down that route unless you are 100% sure and have done some real good research.

If you find some kind of deal that is less than 300 and it seems to good to be true, that's because it is and you should walk away.


Cheap offers should be avoided!

As Alma.Figgy said, "If you find some kind of deal that is less than 300 and it seems to good to be true, that's because it is and you should walk away."

Also beware of whom you contact on the internet; a Facebook request could be dangerous, particularly from an unregistered member!