Hello.About three weeks ago, I shaved the hair around my vulva. Now I'm being assaulted by regrowing hair, and it feels like the area around and above my clitoral hood is being stabbed with tiny needles whenever the hair makes contact with the skin (serious problem area is at the prepuce). The worst irritation happens when I wash the area (I've changed to a milder soap to something more mild until this clears up, but it's still very uncomfortable). I've resorted to covering the area with gauze, but my skin is drying out, getting chapped, and cracking :-(. This morning, I started putting a layer of lotion on under the gauze, which seems to be helping with the dryness, but having to go through this process every time I use the bathroom is frustrating.

Is there any other solution to my problem? I'm very tempted to shave everything off again just to stop the maddening irritation, but I'm three weeks in, and cannot go through another six weeks of this insanity. My hair is coarse, and driving me crazy! Needless to say, I'll be trimming from now on. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.