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for pubic hair how long is too long cuz i kinda dont want to gross out my gf. that would be bad and possibly lead to less sexual encounters in the future.



There's a great line from the musical "Hair".
In the song, the group says, "Don't never have to cut it, cause it stops by itself."

This has always been the case as far as I'm concerned.
Pubic hair falls out when it gets to as long as it can support itself. Then it snaps off and falls the the the towel... in the bed... in the underwear...
The process is so slight and so constant that we never notice it...

That is, unless we've shaved to trim the patch, and then we notice the regrowth... itching, shadow, etc.

I would think that most women would be more interested in other aspects of you, than how long some hidden hair is.

PS: I really doubt that women get together to decide these things in advance. I would think that it's all individual preference.