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Just been wondering recently would a woman find it strange if a guy was to shave off all his pubic hair at all? Or is it normal for mot males to have it all shaved off or just have it trimmed?


I think every woman expects to see hair, just because its natural. Some women might not like hair, and most think its a common courtesy to keep it trimmed at the very least.

My boyfriend does not shave his pubic hair, and it doesn't get in the way or anything, but sometimes I wish he did shave. :-P Stray hairs are mostly the only concern for me. The plus side of having it shaved is that the woman can use her tongue to stimulate more areas since there is no hair getting in the way.

So just keep your woman in mind. If she isn't fond of the hair, trim or shave it. If not, hey, less work for you!