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at the end of november i noticed a small red area of irritation forming on the top of the shaft of my penis, a couple days after shaving.

finally after it didn't go away, and i went to the doctor in january and they tested me for every STD. the doctor called me a few days later, and said he was confused because all of my std tests came back negative. so he told me to put some neosporin on it and some caladryl lotion on it for a couple weeks. so i did that and it got smaller and almost went away but not quite. since i thought it was going away it so i stopped using the neosporin the caladryl and it came back.

the doctor thinks it's dry skin or a minor bacterial infection maybe from the razor or the shaving cream.

was just curious if you had any ideas. it's only in one spot, there are no other places that it is breaking out and it's about half the size of a dime. it doesnt bleed, or just flakes small pieces of skin off. it isn't painful unless i rub the area and irritate it, then it's like rubbing a blister or something.


same problem....i have one pimple looking painful lump on my genitals and redness irritated skin all round genitals....i was thinking jock itch?