Can anyone recommend a good rhinoplasty surgeon in New York City or the surrounding area e.g, Jersey, Long Island. I can't say I "need" a nose job, I'm looking for a minor correction - remove a very small bump and maybe refine the tip. It's a personal thing-most people don't notice anything wrong with my nose, but I just think the proportions  could be a little better. In short, looking for a natural, non drastic result. I've looked into Dr. Miller & Dr. Westreich so far. There are some bad reviews for Miller but most people seem satisfied, I just don't really like his portfolio online. His noses don't look as refined as I'd like and kind of generic, and I haven't seen anything photos with a nose similar to mine. I like Westreich's portfolio and there are some very good and very bad reviews. If anyone has had experience with these two and could share, or can recommend someone else and share experience, I'd greatly appreciate it.