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Hello, can some one tell me which is better Shaving pubes with a razor or using Hair removal cream like Veet For Men Hair Removal Gel? Also which is less likely to be itchy when growing back. Thanks.


a razor definately because the hair removal creams contain chemicals that burn.... my fiance uses a razor and as long as you keep up on it not much itching involved


Great question! I used to wonder the same thing myself, but through experince, I have found the answer.

As with anything, you have advantages and disadvantages. So lets look at both sides.

Disadvantages of shaving:
-Razor burn
-If you cut yourself, you may be more prone to STD's
-When you first start shaving, you will feel a little uncomfrotable and it may itch a bit.

-Your gential area will looked well groomed and more attractive.
-Hair soaks up moisture, which causes a smell. No hair, no bad smell
-You will look bigger
-Intercouse and Oral feels better when you are shaved
-Condoms do not pinch and pull your hair while you are having sex
-Easier clean up after sex
-Last but not least, if you shave, your signifigant other will show more attention to it.

As you can see, for me, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. I personally shave once a week, and before I plan on anything going on down there.

I hope this helps! Good luck! And dont forget to use a new razor blade every time.


Either way you're going to feel uncomfortable and there is a downside to both techniques. Try a set of electric hair clippers and give the area a close buzz cut and don't completely shave it. It will look more natural not bald, be well groomed, and will not itch as bad as if it were completely shaved bald.


I have to agree with BrendaM, having a buzz cut will definitely make things easer. There will probably be not itching and cuts. It's easer to take care of later.
But this is individual thing, so my suggestion is that you try it for your self and see with what you fell more comfortable.

All the best.