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I am so depressed after my abortion i dont know what to do, i wish i could go back in time and not do it. its been a couple of weeks now and i just feel like i have ruined my life, i know why i made the choice but now i think the reasons didn't matter as much as i thought they did.



Can I firstly ask how old are you? People have abortions for all different reason and I'm sure yours was valid enough at the time and your bount to be feeling down and depressed from it as it I such a big thing to have its not as easy as some people may think. The good news is you can get pregnant and the abortion will not stop you tryin for another, nothing will ever bring back what you want may seem harsh but you can't dwell on past as it will make you ill you have to look for future, if your are finding it hard going to your local doctor or seeing a counsellor will help as you can get everything your feeling off your chest and they will help you to get over it. I wish you all the luck. Be strong for yourself and understand there are plenty going through same thing your not alone in this situation