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Hi guys.

What’s up?

Well I have a few question. My sister and I were planning to get pet insurance for our dogs. I have this adorable puppy and she has senior Labrador dog. We are planning this for one month now, but we can’t decide should we do this or not.

I was wondering what your opinion about this is. Do you have any experience? Generally I was wondering what are pros and cons of it?

My puppy is still young but he has been to the vet a couple of times. My sister’s Jay was at the vets like 7 times in his life and he is almost 7 years old.

Is it worth it?


Hello. You are wondering is pet insurance worth of price? Well, a lot of people will tell you that it is not worth of price, especially in your sister’s case because her dog is not sick that often. But I have to disagree with that information. Pet insurance is always worth of price because in some packages you can get everything that your dog needs. There is no difference between pet insurance for puppies and for senior dogs. It is pretty much the same. Pet insurance can help your dog and can help your veterinary bills. Put all those facts on paper and you will see that it is worth of buying it.



Greetings people :)

I hope that you two are doing fine.

Look, I don’t have insurance for my Boo but I am thinking to get one. Somehow I think that this is a good idea. My Boo generally is not that sick at all, but I have that habit to take him to the vet whenever I ca. I take him there at least two times a month :)

I want to be sure that he is healthy :)

That is why I believe that pet insurance is worth of money that you gave for it.

You should ask your vet what he can offer for you two ladies and for your pets :)



Hey there guys.

You need to make a decision. Of course that there are pros and cons of insurance, but it is always better to have. Do you agree?

I don’t know about puppies, but I do know that older pet insurance has :

Increased veterinary care, diet and nutrition, weight control, parasite control, vaccinations, mental health and reproductive diseases.

When you take a bigger picture of it you will see that having a pet insurance for dogs is not that bad idea.

I don’t have insurance for my pets, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t get insurance for them :)



Hey there.

So I went today to consult my vet about this. When I finished our conversation, I was very optimistic about pet insurance. I was almost ready to go and finish this.

But after this I met my friend. I started to talk about this, how thrilled I am and she told me that this pet insurance is not worth of buying it. Nobody can’t spend that kind of money at the vet’s clinic as much as pet insurance costs, she told me.

I told this to my sister and we are still thinking what to do about this case. Can you tell me do you have experience with it?



Hello there everyone.
I really don’t understand why some people are against pet insurance. I have pet insurance for my Samoyed since he was three months old. Now he is 6 years old. I just can’t tell you how much money I saved because I have insurance for him. A thousand and thousands of dollars. My Balky was not sick often but I was taking a good care of his health. I took him to the vet twice a month. Trust me, pet insurance is worth of buying and you should definitely get one for your pets. You won’t be sorry.