Hello my name is Vanessa Anne Hudgens! Yea im know an actress but before i became an actress i weight so much i was fatter than my mom i couldnt believe it. I was so depressed i would always cry because i always dreamed of becoming famous and i thought that with the body i had before there was no way! I weighed about 210.Everyone in school always would tell me your so beutiful but no one ever complemeneted me on my clothes i thought WOW! im over weighted.Till one day i was tired of it.I liked to dance and sing!So for about 3 months i only ate school lunch and after school i didnt eat anything and i danced in my basement for about 4 hours and it worked!just look at me know.Yea i know they say dancing doesnt work but it helped me.and i think it will help others too.i was then a size 13 now im an size 3.if it helped me it will help others too!
To All my fans!
♥Vanessa Hudgens!