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how can i get pregnant when most of the semen comes out when husband remove his penis? always this type of problem occur. What i can do? please tell me. i m trying within 6-7 months.


What position do you use?

  1. Leave husband's penis in for as long as possible.
  2. Try and time your orgasm for just after his ejaculation.

Aim for deeper penetration so the semen lands close to the cervix.

  1. Standard Missionary.
  2. Standard Missionary with man on all fours and woman's pelvis raised. Woman does thrusting.
  3. Standard Missionary with the woman stretches her legs up in the air.  The man then kneels over her and penetrates from underneath. He helps to keep the woman in this elevated and tilted position using his knees, while he penetrates.
  4. Rear Entry allows really deep penetration. It also has the benefit of a tipping uterus (the woman being on a slight slant). Woman with chest on some pillows might be more comfortable.

Hope this helps as a start