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Hi, i have very thin hair since my childhood, i think i got that from my mother as she too has thin hair, but it used to be voluminous enough to cover my scalp, but since last 2-3 years, even though i don't see much hair falling on daily basis (20-30), yet my hair line is receding at very fast pace, here's how my scalp looks like now:



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I have tried numerous home made solutions, taking proper nutrition etc., but nothing has been of much help so far.. :'(

The place where i live is very hot and humid, and from last 2-3 years i started traveling alot, so i think it's due to over exposure of hair to direct sunlight.

Is this baldness curable?? Or in the end i have to go for Hair Transplant? Please give some advice.. :'(


EDIT: also suggest how to manage my hairstyle so that my hair might look somewhat voluminous?? Currently i have my hair cut short, because as my hair are very thin, i can't carry even slightest of long hair, as they tend to stick to scalp and to each other (due to humid climate) and make them look really weird, sometimes even curls and stick to my forehead due to sweat, and even in slightly windy condition, they are a mess to manage, short hair are really easy to manage, though they show more scalp than long hair.. :-|