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I used to get small bumps on my labia and vagina, mostly near the bottom. i could pop them and white solid like stuff would come out. I think they were just cysts. The past year or so I have noticed A Lot More of these same type bumps, maybe they are a little smaller. They are all around the bottom labia, the anus, all over the  inner labia up to the clitoris. They are not really on the outer labia but the are also on the buttock and on the inner and back of thighs. These don't really pop but if I run a fingernail over them tiny round things come out that are either brown, greenish, grey or black. Some look like fuzz from clothes but some really look a tiny insect or egg. They are too large to be scabies, and  with scabies there are only supposed to be a few of the actual mites, not anywhere near as many as I find. They aren't really itchy but they do hurt after messing with them. Only once in a while do they itch. I have found them even right after a shower so clothes fuzz is probably not the problem. Does anyone have any idea what this could be. I have used scabies cream, and a sulfur cream to no avail. Shaving helps them go away but they always come back shortly after. I have even thought maybe it was tiny ingrown hairs but they reappear too soon for that I would think. Maybe a fungus. If anyone knows please help. Thanks


I would go to a dermatologist, what your describing aounds like folliculitis and is very common. they make excellent perscription soaps and creams to cure the problem.