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Hey friends.

I was not here for a while. Forgive me :)

I hope that you are doing fine. I am not…At all.

I found out that my dog is allergic to meat. He was not allergic before. I know this because I was feeding him with meat regular all the time. But I notice some weird symptoms a few days ago. I could swear that the mat is not healthy, that meat is bad. I went to see the vet to prescribe some medications. He did some analysis and my dog turns to be allergic to meat.

Is there any way to heal your dog’s meat allergy?


Hey Zoo.

Long time no see. :)

It is very important to determine which meat is causing the allergy in your dog. I know that it can be every kind of meat, right?

Maybe it is chicken, maybe it is turkey and maybe that is pork. I don’t know what you are feeding your dog with.

Do you remember what was the last thing that you were feeding your dog with? Because that can help you determine your problem and find the main cause.

Please tell me what you were feeding him with because there is a treatment for everything :)

Have a nice day!



Well good day to you too DS1991 :)

Silly me, right? Sorry about this :) But I need to be very honest with you – I just can’t remember what meat was my dog eating :/

I think that he was eating turkey, beef and rabbit meat :/ We were at some party and I saw that he is not OK. So some meat was not good for him. I don’t know which one.

Can my vet determine it? I am sure that he can, right?

Anyway I really want to know how to treat it. I know that I can’t feed my dog with that kind of meet but what else I should do?





I am a little bit confused. I don’t know do you want to know how to treat or how to heal it? I am sure that you can't heal it but maybe I am wrong. Maybe there is some hope and maybe there is some way to heal it. If anybody knows some way it would be nice to tell us :)


You can treat it if you give your dog enough proteins that you can find in some other groceries. You know that food allergy are totally different from food intolerance and you need to be very careful when it comes to your dog’s food.



Hello. Look, treating meat allergy in your dog is nothing that you need to worry too much. Actually I believe that it is pretty easy to treat it. Go and visit your vet. He will determine which meat is causing the allergy in your dog. After that, you will know what is safe for your dog and what is not that safe. He will make a list for you with all groceries that are allowed for your dog to eat them. I think that you should base his eating plan to vegetables and corn, maybe a fruit as well. Good luck!