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I usually have 32-28 day cycles. Have been trying to get pregnant, but with no luck. I have been taking my basal body temperature daily, but it is all over the place. I think that I am not ovulating, but don't really know. I have been taking Metformin for a couple of months now. Last month I started on a higher dose. The first day of my last cycle was 9/22/10. As I said before - I have no idea if I am ovulating. I was spotting on 10/23 and 10/24 (days 34 and 35 of my cycle). I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. I have had very tender breasts which is unusual. Now I am thinking that I took the test to early. Can you tell me when I should be taking the test for accurate results? Thanks!


Hi honey! MOST women ovulate about 14 days before their period is to start! And also you wouldn't be having a period if you didn't ovulate! The metformin is to make sure you ovulate and to bring on an egg and thus your period! Since you have mentioned that your last period was on September 22nd could you tell me when you had unprotected sex?

Also I would like you to start taking PreNatal vitamins - they have been PROVEN to increase your fertility! When you have unprotected sex, I want you to put a pillow under your buttocks and stay that way as long as possible - to help the sperm get to the egg! getting pregnant is called 1 in a million! As it takes 1 sperm to reach the egg out of a sperm volume of 1 million from each ejaculate! So the more you can help the better! Another thing that has been proven is stress - IF you stress about getting pregnant it can affect your fertility greatly! It also can affect your period by making it wonky! Quit smoking - If you do! Also have your partner quit smoking if he does! Smoking is the number 1 killer of fertility that isn't medical! Stop drinking and drugs - also proven to cut fertility rates down!

I can definitely help you further! The unfortunate thing is that the new program doesn't let me know when answers have been posted! so I will try and look tommorrow!