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Hi everyone

Have you people heard about the guy called Jordan S. Rubin? He is a motivational speaker and he came up with Maker’s diet. I‘ve heard of him recently although he is very famous. He says that this diet helped him to cure Crohn’s disease when he was 19. And the doctors say that that is an incurable disease.I also have IBD, just not Crohn’s but Ulcerative colitis.

Anyway, I’m very interested in this diet. Is there anybody who has heard of it? If you have please answer me this- Why are there several phases? How do these phases work?


Yes I've heard of him long time ago. 

I don't believe he can cure Crohn's disease.  But that is just my opinion, I may be wrong. 

Anyway, he divides food into two groups: clean and unclean. You may eat clean and the unclean is forbidden. 

That classification is based on The Bible. He thinks that God wants us to eat ''the clean food''. That is why you can hear people call this diet ''Bible diet''.

As for your question- This diets lasts 40 days and it is divided into 3 phases. It consists of 3 levels : basic, inter-mediate and advanced.

He claims you should decide by yourself which will be the phase you'll start with, based on your overall health at that moment.



Thank you Mellisa8
I am skeptical too. No one ever managed to cure Crohn’s, it is not that type of disease. It can only be kept under control. But if he says he can, maybe it is worth a try? I don’t know.
Thanks again for the information, but I actually knew a lot of what you’ve written. Can you please tell me something more about these phases? Why do they exist? And would you happen to know to describe me how does one of these phases look like? So I can get the basic idea of how does this diet work.


Sure, why not.

I will tell you something about the first phase. By the way, you should know that every day of diet starts and ends with prayers.
Now, the main goal of the phase one is to balance your blood sugar and to reduce any signs of inflammation or infection. It should also balance hormones in your body.

In this phase you cannot eat foods such as breads, legumes ,grains, pastas, sugar, potatoes, beans, and corn. Because this phase is suppose to detoxify your body and also balance everything in it you should not eat high sugar foods, or you should at least limit them.


That's right. That is the phase 1. And there is the third phase that lasts 29-40 days. It begins in the fifth week. In this phase you are encouraged to eat healthy foods from each of the permitted groups.

You will be able to start eating again foods that are higher in sugars and starches. So you'll love this phase if you are a fan of potatoes and... healthy grains.;)

This is where your health is suppose to improve  and the weight should stabilize. If you decide to stop with the diet while you're on phase 3, you are advised to first go back for a while to phase 1 or 2 and then stop.