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Since I was about 13 or 14, I've had little red bumps on my upper arms, now I'm 18 and with a bit of googling found out it was called Keratosis Pilaris.

I've seen it often suggested that weight loss helps this condition, however I've dropped from near 16 stone to 12 in the last 6 months or so, and it seems to be getting worse. The redness is darkening and it appears to be spreading to my lower arms.

I've got a more healthy diet than before so doubt this has anything to do with it, but does anyone have an experience of this, I was hoping that this recent increase was just the last of it dissappearing and with a few more lost pounds it would clear.

Any advice or tips would be great, cheers


Hi honey! This condition is VERY common in young people and usually goes away in your late 20's! The ONLY way to treat this - not cure it as it is not a disease (so if you stop doing it, it WILL come back) is by exfoliation! My son has it and he uses a nylon scrubbie - you know those ones that look like balls? Use a soap or cleanser for acne - ones with either Retinol A or Alpha Hydroxy Cleansers, MILK - contains lactic acid, (as in a milk compress or bath) and major moisturizing after! You can also use one of the astrignents to keep the pores open - this condition is basically from trapped hairs and debris! So keeping those pores open and less irritated is the key!

IF you live near a store called LUSH! They have the BEST moisturizer in the world - as far as I'm concerened anyway! XD It is called KING OF SKIN! What you will do is exfoliate your arms and whereever else! Then when you are rinsed off you rub the bar all over the parts you want to moisturize then rinse it off1 You HAVE to rinse it off or you WILL slide right out of the bathroom!!! ;-) It makes your skin SO soft it is unreal! Another great cleanser is called Teraseptic - it is for people with Acne! So look for anything that cleans out the pores or takes off 1 layer of skin - as in anti aging products! A Little sun does't it wonders too!

IF you do go to LUSH and your arms are red they also have a wash bar called Fresh Pharmacy - it is FILLED with chamomile and Calamine Lotion! Leaving your skin less irritated! And NO I don't work for Lush nor have stocks in the company!!!! ;-) XD I'm just a LUSH LUSH!!! So keep the area open and clean and moisturized and just know it WILL go away! Good luck and ehalth honey! Also CONGRATS on loosing almost 50lbs that is AWESOME!!!!