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After a summer of boozy bbq's and clubbing holidays the body is going to need a bit of time to recover! Try these easy detox methods to give your body a break.

1. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant. Both are toxins and drugs which need to be processed by the liver and its important to cut out both when starting a detox program because one of the key areas is to rest the organs. By cutting down on these the liver doesn't have to work as hard. Also it gives a more natural balance to your mood as both drugs change your mood and hormone balance so cutting them out will allow the body to balance its own hormones and give a level mood throughout the day and feeling full and happy.

2. Eat Natural

With so many foods now being made with chemicals and unnatural products and processed food being so readily available we are pumping more and more toxins into our body that the liver and kidneys have to filter out.

For the 7-day detox period try and eat all natural foods and nothing processed.

Focus on eating fruit and vegetables and carbohydrates which are grown from the ground such as potatoes. Avoid anything that you haven't prepared yourself and don't know what is in the ingredients and your liver and kidneys will get a really good rest from filtering through all the nasty toxins.

3. Get Some Exercise

A very simple way to get rid of any toxins you may have in your blood is to sweat them out so get out and do some exercise. It doesn't have to be heading to the gym for a hard-core workout simply play a game of squash with a friend or join a fitness class. Get together with some friends for a gentle jog or long walk or get involved with your children and go on an adventure day out to burn some calories. Anything that involves moving about and isn't sat at your desk working or on the sofa watching TV will help in your detox. As well as sweating out the toxins you will also burn calories which will help you to lose weight. In the 7 day period try to exercise at least 5 days out of 7 for at least 30 minutes.

4. Lower Stress Levels

A big cause of damage on the body organs is stress. Stress releases chemicals into the blood which are transported around the body changing your mood and once again causing your liver and kidneys to work harder to release them through your urine. If possible try to decrease your stress for the 7 day detox by making sure you finish work on time for a change or don't take any work home.

Try to organise some time to spend with friends or family to enjoy an evening off or go out for a meal and avoid having the stress of cooking and then having to clean it all up.

Don't feel guilty about it and enjoy some time giving yourself a break.

5. Treat Yourself

By this I don't mean go out and get your favourite chocolate or treats. But treat your body to a bit of tender loving care by booking in for a spa treatment. A massage is a great way to stimulate getting waste products out of your muscles and wash them away as well as relaxing any tension in your back or neck muscles which are a common cause of headaches. Have a sauna to boost the sweating out of toxins or a steam room as this is a very relaxing way of getting rid of waste through your skins pores and its also excellent for any skin irritations. Lastly get a facial, cleansing your skin is both extremely relaxing and also cleans up bad skin which is often caused by stress or bad diet (caffeine and processed food) so go on and treat yourself for once.


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