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I'm uncircumcised and 30yrs old. By age 20 the foreskin just fine and would extract all the way back past glans ending at the edge of the head and shaft meet. Also since about that time, I started leaving foreskin pulled back. There was no pain and the only issue was just the head being sensitive against my clothing for about a week. I felt that leaving the foreskin pulled back would make it easier to keep the thing clean. HOWEVER, I've noticed throughout the years that the foreskin has continued to creep a little further back away from the immediate "border" between the head's edge and the shaft. It's no longer flush. There developed a little ridge where the foreskin has pulled back away from the head. The ridge encircles the entire head's edge. I didn't think much of it since from some porn films I see similar on occasion. However, today this little ridge has gotten fairly deep separating the head's circumference and rest of the shaft. I have also noticed that now after every time I have sex or masturbate, the foreskin/ridge pulls back a little further... by about maybe half a millimeter each time. It's getting a little unsettling now as I sometimes wonder if my foreskin continues on it's journey, my head will just pop off one day! YIKES! :o I keep picturing a ice cream cone and the round scoop of an ice cream falling off. I see lots of concerns here about foreskin not retracting enough... but I must be the only one where it's retracting too far and doesn't seem to stop! Anyone can direct me to some advice or answers? Or maybe organic super glue?


Hi welcome to the forum.
Well for one thing, your head can not just pop off. :-)
Another thing that you skin is retracting is not maybe a big issue, and you just might try pulling it on you head back. Try doing this for some time and see if it's retracting any more. If this does not help try getting a professional opinion from a doctor.

All the best.