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Iam also 14 and i have fairly large breasts.. i have a pimple on the right side of my right breast and im pretty sure it is filled wwith puss... it is kind of blueish in color and it hurts extremely bad to squeeze it.. i have tried squeezing it b4 but it hurts too bad.. it is also about the side of an olive and it hurts really bad to lay on it or push on it.. it is sort of hard around the area and i really need help... i havent told anyone yet and i dont really want to make a big deal about it but i really want it to go away and for everything to b back to normal

please help me!!!


At first it sounded like you have a pimple, then a blood blister, but the olive size is odd. The last might be a reason to see a doctor. If it is hard, then you should see the doctor.

If it is one of the first two, then if you can't pop it, you can use a needle and poke it. If you get a small sewing needle sterilize the end of it with the tip. You can use a lighter (hold it with tweezers to protect your fingers) or use alcohol. Then if the spot is not hard, you can poke the spot with a spinning of the needle. If it is blood then it will either ooze or squirt out. Have kleenex in hand to catch it in case it squirts. At first it might hurt some, but it is because of the pressure it is under. You may have to give it a little sqeeze to get it all out.

I know you are 14, but before you do the above snap a photo of the spot. If it shows anything it should not, then be sure you keep it private. This is just to show your doctor in case you experience other issues or it comes back. Remember you are a minor and exposing photos would not be good to keep around. This is only if the spot does not go away or it does go away but comes back.