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Good day,

A few days ago, I was considering to allow my daughter to follow The rice diet solution program. I was almost sure that this one is good and that she won’t have any problems with it. But, I was talking with my colleague from my job, Samantha and she told me that this is not that good diet program, that this one has no health benefits.

Is this true?

Can you tell me are there any other health benefits of The Rice diet solution, besides weight loss? It there are, what they are?

Please, let me know, we started to fight a lot! 


Hey there RoadToHell,

Well, the main benefit is weight loss, that is for sure. The benefit of the rice diet is also that you can get rid of a numerous of illnesses if you follow this diet program. This one will tell you how to eat, what to eat. If you follow this, you will live healthier. Yes, it is a little bit restrictive, but it has a low calorie consumption. It can’t be wrong, because the book is almost 70 years old. And it is bestseller.

So, there are a lot of healthy benefits, all you need to do is to find them :D 



Hey there,

This diet has a lot of other benefits, beside weight loss, of course. Your skin is going to be cleaner, it is going to boost up your metabolism, and you will feel like you have more energy. This diet is all about fiber, and as you already know, fiber has many beneficial effects, such as lowering your body cholesterol and the risk of hearth. Foods that are high in fiber also make you feel full :) So, that is just one more reason why this diet program is good. I think that I can say excellent, as well :)

Go for it!