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Hi, i kinda have bad back acne and I want to get rid of it before new years because i'm going on a swim trip. This would be great if it was all gone before then. I have been using the Neutrogena oil free cleansing wipes for about 2 weeks and Sea Breeze Fresh Clean Astringent for about 2 weeks. Its helped a little but not a lot. I have tried the proactive stuff before but it berely helps for back acne. I still have a lot left though so I'm willing to try again. Please help me because i don't want to be swimming with an acne filled back. 


Hi, i know that new year has probably passed already but i know a great spot removal treatment that is completely natural. It is quite expensive but it works over about 1 week to a month. They are by weleda and there are two products: There is aknedoron cleansing lotion (this cleans your face) and there is aknedoron purifying lotion. You use the cleansing lotion on a wet face and apply it with a cotton wool pad all over your face and neck and you then just dab the purifying lotion on your spots with a finger. Glad to help!!!