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I've had BP almost a year now- since April 3, 2012. It almost went away after six months that included acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, exercise, and heat packs. All of a sudden the affected side seemed to stiffen up, in one day. My eye closed, but stayed taut. Seemed like the reverse happened. No droopy eye, but one that mostly closes when I eat or drink. My doctor thinks the wrong muscle strengthened. My cheek on that side is thicker than the other one. I HATE it! The only thing that's better is that I can take a shower because the eye closes. What a hell this is! Now what do I do? My doc thinks Botox might not be appropriate, because the skin on that eyelid already droops. Which facial exercises should I do now? The opposite ones? Doctors have no clue! Why not????? The b-12 I guess is ok, but who knows? Tastes good at least. Lysine I'll try next. Just guess ill never get rid of it. Where's that beautiful smile I used to have? At least I haven't gotten it over & over again like some of you. Keep the faith, friends. I'll try it, too!


Try Colloidal Silver spray, minimum 17 ppm or higher, the better the quality the better the results.  You can purchase this at any health food store.  I have been spraying my face 4-5x per day on my neck and in and around my ear where my facial nerve is and all over my face.  It will also clear up any skin problems you may have as a bonus :-D after a couple of days of use your eye should start twitching and persist, this means that it is working.  Good luck! I got BP when I was 9 so my school years were a struggle, I am 44 now and after 2 weeks I can't even notice it anymore.