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Hey everyone,

I have been spotting brown stuff (TMI sorry) for 5 days now. Usually i spot brown for two days then get my period. My periods are all over the place ranging from 32 to 42 days. Well i started spotting on cd 32 this month and thought i was getting my period but it hasn't come yet just this brown spotting stuff no red blood at all. Its not a lot either but its there enough for me to have to wear a liner. My partner and i went camping 12 days before i started spotting and had unprotected sex. I was sure i was ovulating as i had the clear stringy cervical mucus at the time. Could spotting be a sign of pregnancy? I have had two children already and never spotted with them. I took a HPT the day of the spotting and got the FAINTEST line it was very hard to see but could see it a lot better when the HPT dried. I'm very worried. Has anyone else spotted in early pregnancy and if so did it last this long? Or has anyone just had a totally weird period where u just spotted for it. This is a first for me sorry. I'm really hoping I'm pregnant this time. I dont know what to think right now Spotting brown for five days has never happened to me before.


brown discharged sounds like an need to go ahead and consult with your Doctor..I could be wrong. im a nurse and we have alot of patients complaining about this problem and they are std's. im not trying to scare you but its best to call your doctor to be hoping your pregnant..good luck..