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the bump/lump on the top of the crack of the buttocks is looks like red and tender to touch. what could this be?


You posted this question nearly 3 years ago and I'm only assuming the issue was resolved by way of time or treatment, but I thought just in case you didn't seek medical assistance I'd offer a piece of information to you and anyone else for that matter that runs into this issue.

A bump at the top of the crease whether big, small, painful or not can be a pilonidal cyst. If it's relatively manageable and goes away but comes back, see a doctor anyway. Pilonidal Cyst is a condition that can be caused by several things including trauma to the tailbone that can later even years later, become infected and an abscess is formed which is where the pain, swelling and ordeal begins.

All I can say to anyone with a bump that forms and then goes away near the top of the crease is this: precautions can be taken to keep the cyst from getting infected. These steps have to be taken on a daily basis and it involves; warm baths daily, thorough exfoliation of the rear, shaving of hair and basic impeccable cleanliness which means no trapped sweat or moisture ever. If you don't already, use wipes for extra cleaning of the bum. This sounds like a pain, but believe me you don't know pain until you have a blocked follicle that leads to an abscess especially if its what you sit on.

The above link is to a site that provides a wealth of information built mainly by the seemingly large community that suffers from this condition. So many variables, so many outcomes. Read a bunch and then chat with your doctor. Good luck