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well you see i've had an abortion done a week ago, and i might be going to get a pap test done next week so about 7 to 14 days after my abortion. By doing this pap test could my doctor easily find out i got the abortion done just a week before in the first place? Could she really tell by the way my vagina would look like? or anything of this sort. Or would it be a better idea to wait longer to get this test done? Because i really dont want anyone finding out i was pregnant and that i got an abortion including my doctor cause she's close friends with my mother .


The second the doctor examines you internally, she will know somethings up just by feel, especially since your procedure was done a short time ago. This doctor can not reveal a thing to your mom about your medical history either.
The fact that they are friends means nothing and if mom thinks she can get information out of this doctor, she is mistaken.

Just how friendly is mom/doctor? Do they hang out together or do they have a casual friendship? Ya know like, "look me up for coffee sometime" or "dinner was great last nite, see you next week type of friendship?
I am asking because if these two have a tight home girl friendship, doctor may feel obligated to tell your mom that you are sexually active and have had an abortion. Is is against the law for her to do that tho.

I don't know about this one. If i was you, i think i would hold off for a while. Is there a serious reason why a pap is being done. If this is not of a serious nature, i would probably wait. But if mom insists, there isn't much you can do.
What are your thoughts on birth control? Have you looked into Planned Parenthood?