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Hello dear members.


I have a few question, but I need to explain you my situation first.


OK, let’s go.


I have Samoyed, he is three years old and he is very playful. Sometimes, I am tired when I am playing with him. I am also very tired when I am trying to stop him eating something from the street, and trust me, he wants to do this very, very often.

I don’t know how to control what he eats sometimes.


Now, to cut long story short, I want to ask you how to firm up dog’s loose stool?

I need your help about this.


Hey Maddy!

When your dog has a soft stool or maybe a diarrhea, firming up his stool eases digestive discomfort as well, because it reduces poop deposits. So, changing what you feed your dog with, may ease his stomach.

I have a few advice for you:

  • Feed your dog less to firm up his stool,
  • Sometimes, you need to soothe his intestinal tract with a chicken and rice meal,
  • You can also try a different dog food, and always show your vet an ingredient label from your current canned food and kibble.

Those are some advice that you should try.

I hope that this will work for you.



Good day all,


I know three best ways to firm up your dog’s loose stool. And, it is easy. The most important thing to do is – don’t panic.

I have one suggestion, maybe you won’t like it, because it is ordinary good that you can buy in the pet shops. But, I know that this Wellness Simple with lamb and oat meal is something the best so far on the market.

If you are against this food, you should feed him just for breakfast with it, and avoid this giving him for dinner.

This food has great ingredients that can help you “fix” your dog stomach and his loose stool :)



Hello. Yes, but you should also know that too much pumpkin is too much pumpkin. So, don’t push it. There is no need to force your dog every day to eat so much pumpkin, because someone told you that this is the best. Yes, it is. But, I would suggest you to give your dog pumpkin just for breakfast. Other period of time, you should give your dog water and rice. Cooked, fresh pumpkin can have almost the same value like canned pumpkin. But also you should know that loose stools could be a form in intolerance of some ingredient in the food. 



Good day everyone,


I had this problem with my Boo. Luckily, it didn’t last that long, but I have to admit that I was really worried about this situation.

So, of course, I went to see my vet immediately and he told me that I am a little bit stressed because I don’t have experience with this situation :)


According to his words, I don’t need to be worried about this situation, because there are so many ways to firm up my dog’s loose stool.


First, he told me to avoid feeding him a lot for next 48 hours. When I start to feed him, I should do this with wet food.

So, I did it. And, it was just fine :)



Good day,


I totally do agree that wet food can help you in this situation. Wet food is really good when your dog can’t poop for a very long time. I have tried this food a few times, and there was no need for me and my little dog to go and visit the vet.

Of course, I told him about this, and I did respect this rule – no food for 48 hours.

But, the vet food, even if we are talking about canned food, can be really good for those things.

I suggest you to try it :)

Good luck, this is nothing serious :)