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Hello there,

yesterday I found something really interesting on the internet. It was an article in which author stated that Dr. Siegal's Cookie diet is a SCAM. 

What do you think?

I know that Dr Siegal's Cookie diet have enjoyed the most popularity, and that makes me happy because I want to believe that something like that is really possible.

Is it true that this diet program helps you lose weight while you are eating delicious cookies all day? Seems like a dream.

How does it work? What can I eat? Should I know something more about this diet?

Do you have any experience with it? Can I actually lose weight during this diet program?


Hi there,

I was very skeptical about this diet. I mean, how is it even possible to eat cookies and lose weight? But it is possible. Two years ago I was following this diet. I have lost a lot of weight. It is really easy to follow. Of course you don't eat just cookies, you eat other foods, but cookies are main grocery in this diet.

A lot of celebrities follow this diet as well.

This is how it works; you eat six specially diet cookies with the water, but when you are hungry. Cookies are not the main meal, then you eat dinner of vegetables usually.

You can't eat every type of cookie. You need to eat just these special diet cookies.

Good luck!



Hello girls,

I would not agree with you. It is not that easy to follow as you say. Some of us are not “cookie monster”. I personally can’t eat the cookies at all, not even the Oreo.

The cookie diet is missing good nutrition as well. If you eat just cookies you would be missing almost everything that you would get by eating some regular food.

I don’t know the structure of these diet cookies. These cookies are low-calorie made with a secret. They told us that the cookies contain protein derived from eggs, milk, meat. I don’t know is this true. You can put it under to microscope to get a bigger picture.

Good luck!