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My wife and I have been married for two years now, and together for nearly 7 years. She is an ESRD/Hemodialysis patient, and is stable at this time.

There is no issue with the arousal process (As far as she has told me) and she certainly feels like she's enjoying herself, but she has never been able to have an orgasm. We've tried many different marital aids, all to no avail. At this point I'm fairly sure that this is a mental issue more then a physical, but is there anything that you all can suggest?



it seems a number of women are unable to reach their sexual climax for a number of reasons.
One way that works for some is to have their nipples sucked , and their clitoris, rubbed/stroked, for around 20 mins.
it can take that long beforew there is suficient arousal.

if you find with experimentation, and experience that it works for you and your wife, then as you get to recognise her body responses, you will know when she is close to orgasm, and you can have penetrative sex at that time, and within 5 mins she , and you, will be able to orgasm during sexual intercourse, which is often a pleasureble result for most couples.

if sexual intercourse is not possible becuase of her medical condition, you can still suck her nipples, gently at first, but more firmly as she starts to have involuntary hip movements, and keeep stimulating the clitoral area, and you can feel and watch as she spproaches her orgasm.
Afterwaards you can relieve your own sexual tension.


Thanks, but I'll seek help from a forum that understands the endocrine issues that kidney failure causes in the reproductive system.