I am 26years old and I ve always had a normal skin, no acne till I turned 21, I will get one or two acne very close to my hair line and it will be gone in 3days and occasional rashes on my forehead, generally my face is smooth almost all the time, recently I used an antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory cream to even my face skin tone, because some part of my face is lighter than the other, I was told by a friend, stopped the cream after I got an even tone,  a week plus I stopped the cream I noticed that when I go out, after awhile my face starts to itch, I will ve to wash my face with any available water or go home and wash with soap too, then I traveled to another state for business and within 3days of being in the town, I had break out all over my face, the acne was everywhere and my face will be very itchy and oily when I go out, I was placed on antibiotics and was told to rest that it could also be stress, I used egg and honey on my face 2times daily and the acne cleared in a week, Now I ve little rashes and one or two acne on my face plus the scars of the one that just cleared and my face still gets itchy and a bit oily when I work and sweat, I don't use anytin on my face anymore, I just wash with soap when it itches and apply Dustin powder, pls I want to knw if I should use something on my face and what? And if my face will ever go back to normal? Thank u.