Hey everyone. A couple of moths ago I quit smoking weed. The reason, is that everytime I smoked weed, I would get a weird loss of concentration for 2-3 days after. This has effected me a lot. I had smoked the weekend before I was to take my ACT, and it drasticly effected my score. I'm not saying I think weed is a bad thing, I just want to know why it effects me, and if possible how to fix it. : ( The weird feeling is hard to describe. When reading, its like some of the page is lighter and darker in spots. But just barely. Like i cant focus on words, i really have to try to understand what the meaning is. Its really hard to wrap my mind around different things I'm learning in class (pretty much all in math). And when I'm sitting still, my vison is grainy and sometimes blurry. But just slightly. It stays for a few days, then I'm back to normal. I've asked some of my friends for advice/help but some laughed and some said it was the placibo effect. Its not that I think I'm high, its really there, and it really effects me. For a year and a half or so I smoked. But it was at most once a week.(but when i did, i did like 4-6 bowls(a lot for me)) I have been off it for a few months now, but want to get back into it. Please, is there any way to help me? <3 u all. ;)