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when i was younger 15/16 i realised something was up as i'd never been able to pull my foreskin back. one day i just pulled it back and the frenulum snapped and it started to bleed for 5/10 minutes.

at the time, the head and skin was extremely sensitive. it's a bit better now however, i can get hard and masterbate. but, i have never had sex because, i worry that the skin and head is too sensitive, and if i try to have sex, it might become a problem. can anyone reassure me.

i've tried putting on condoms and can't even manage that for some reason the condom won't roll down as it should apparently!! :'(


Mate I had the same happen but while having sex just have to be careful! And use lube if it hurts stop and role foreskin up bedroe penetrating for some like leeway!