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I am a 24 year old male. I have had a tight foreskin, but in the last year and especially since last month, I my foreskin has retracted further and further (during masturbation automatically...I don't force it). Now, it retracts over the frenulum as well (during masturbation). I don't try to push it.

However, yesterday night the foreskin retracted fully over the frenulum during masturbation. But it is not coming back to its "natural position", whatever that means. I managed to pull it back over the head (no pain), but a large part of the head is still exposed, especially the bottom part. It is as if the foreskin has become less elastic! As I said, there is no pain, but my head is not used to being exposed so much and so I feel strange when it touches my underpant!

What I really want to know is:

1. Is this a problem? Should I be concerned? Or will it get okay by itself and the foreskin will cover more of the head automatically? Or do I need to go see a doctor. I don't intend to masturbate for the next few days!

2. Supposing that this is not something I need to go to the doctor for, should I go see the doctor anyway?

Any help would be very much appreciated :-)


It sounds to me like the foreskin could have sort of tucked under itself a bit, it happens with me quite a bit. How I sort it out is to pull the foreskin back (as far as you can) then push forward again.

In terms of the tight foreskin, try regular stretching exercises, that's what I did and now mines fine.