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I'm 21, about 5'7 and around 375lbs. My heaviest was last year when I hit 415lbs...I got so scared when I saw I weighed that much, and very suprised..I wasn't the type of person that stayed inside and did nothing, I was always out walking around doing things with friends...but after I had a very close friendship end I became a hermit. I hardly ever go out now, I'm just here inside my apartment...I lost alot of weight by not eating ((and yes I know that's bad, but I didnt have any motivation to do anything...not even eat, I was in a bad depression))

But the end of last year something happened, the person who is my current boyfriend came back into my life and made everything better...He calls me Beautiful<3 and says he loves everything about me<3 He tries his hardest to make me see myself as he does, but with being bullied all my life I dont believe him when he says I'm beautiful...

I want that to change, I want to be beautiful... and healthy, and someone I feel he can be proud of... He deserves a Beautiful Girl and I want to be that girl!!

I dont feel comfortable with going to the gym, because I feel like people will judge me... But is there anything I can do in the comfort of my apartment??? something that will give me results??

Any "Diets" you guys recommend?? or Healthy Recipes???

I would really appreciate your guy's help! (:

Oh, and for the Record...I'm Doing this for ME, my boyfriend is just my MOTIVATION!!(



first off, hope you are eating better now because you need the nutrients to build your new body. The only difference you need to bring in to your diet are different foods you'll eat. Simply, you need a good low calorie, but still high protein nutritional plan to build your muscles. Your body will look and feel much better with stronger muscles, because you'll lose 'flabby' parts.

As far as exercising at home is concerned, 

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