I am 18 years old. I eat healthy and take multi vitamins every day. I drink at least 7-10 bottles of water a day because where i live is really hot. When i look at my hair its healthy from my roots down to about the middle. Then the ends just fall out. I can literally pull them because i see them already falling out. Anyways. While washing and conditioning my hair maybe about 200 strands come out within the time in the shower. I don't blow dry my hair. And i don't usr any heat or products like moose or gel. I am very natural. I have died my hair but even before that this problem was occuroccurring. My hair isn't that long either. Maybe about the length to my shoulder. I would love to know what's going on. I get it's normal for people to loose 200 hairs a day but i loose a lot more at an excessive rate.