Ok so I am a 26 year old female and have been bleeding from my rectum for ten or more years now. It is constant and almost always there.recently I had my daughter and was told I had high white blood cells was anemic and was put on iron pills. I have extremely painful bowel movements ..always either constipated or have diarreah and bad pain in my left side and right abdomen. I also have not had a normal bowel movement in I don't know how long. The past few days have been really bad to the point where as I stand up and feel like passing out and I'm so weak and tired. I went to the er last week and for the first time they actually seemed like they cared and did some blood tests and fecal samples that tested positive for blood in my stool. My blood test wasn't low enough to admit me but they set me up to have a colonoscopy done April 2nd. I am so scared to be tested I am afraid I might have colon cancer . Does anyone know of anything else that could cause all of this?