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hi i have very problem about my hair to grow,i just cut my hair 5days ago its short now bcoz i been color and curly not its very damege and when i brush my hair its gitting now my hair very short i want my hair to grow fast i been cover my hair and i putting it weg bcoz my husband dont like me to have a short hair so he dont know tht i have short hair now so im been traying now to use diffrent shompo and oil.i just want to ask how fast to grow hair pls...reply asap,,,,,,


You will want to by Allure Fast Hair Growth Vitamins it doesn't matter if you don't have ethnic hair. You take them three times a day with plenty of water. Then flax seed oil pills with Omega 3's along with 10000mg of Biotin a day will make your hair shoot. I know it sounds like a lot but you will see result in as little as two weeks. Your skin and nails will be healthy but make sure you drink a lot of water if you start taking biotin, you'll break out if you don't. I guarantee this works.