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Hello everyone,

My wife quit her old diet program. She was not happy while she was following it, and she wants to try new one. She made a list, and in top three it is core balance diet program. I haven’t heard a lot about it, and that is why I am a little bit worried.Do you have any experience with it? If you do, can you tell me, approximately how much weight and how fast can you lose with core balance diet?

Is it ok for my wife to try this one?

Anything, just so I can see her happy :D




It is very, very hard to tell. Core balance diet it has all good critics when it comes to lifestyle. Maybe it is a little bit hard for the beginners, but it has a fabulous new weight loss regime. You have to eat three meals a day, and you will lose your weight and you will drop a dress size, for sure :)

Well, the good thing is that this one is tested on real women, and you can find it all over the internet. It has full eating plan, full menu plan and recipes :)

You will lose your pounds, I don’t know how much :D 




The first process is for four weeks, and it is only for ladies. Women to women, women by women. That is so clear. It is a totally new look at weight loss and diet program, according to numerous of experiences. They say that this diet is so promising, and that is why this one is so good :)

Sometimes is not that good to experiment with some diet program, because you can always, but always run to a better one.

She can lose her pounds in four weeks, but she need to be persistent in this one.

Good luck



Good day girls,

Thank you!Just a few hours ago, I was drinking lemonade with my neighbor Elma and her husband Josh. I was talking with her about my wife, about this diet program. She just smiled at me, and she told me that she is following this diet program for a one year and three months. I have to admit, she is the most beautiful neighbor that I have :) and now, I am a little bit calm about this,

Thank you for your support, I will try to support my love in this, big step :)

Have a nice day!