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Me and my gf of 4 months. Recently broke up. And she became interested in another girl quite quickly. It makes me doubt she ever loved me. But she yells everytime I say that. She tells me she loves me alot. With all her heart. And after we talked about it. Shes the kind of girl who doesnt like to be alone. She needs to be in relationships. Because she gets really upset. And needs someone to hold and kiss her.
Well, i mean things are great. We say I love you.. She even calls me babe alot. But, I... I know that thats enough.. But I just feel like I want more. I miss her like crazy.. I just want her to be with ME again.. Maybe im being selfish.. I dont know. I just adore her. I love being her friend.. And. I know that being in a relationship with her again will cause me alot of stress. But I just want her so bad. But then I dont.. I dont know what I want anymore.. Im screwed.... :-(


I'm really really sorry to hear about all of this. It seems as though she is being extremely messed up though. If she gets over 4 months of dating that quick then she really has to re-think love and relationships. If it is to personally don't answer but how old are you ? Many relationships don't get serious until high school and onward. It seems as though she just isn't the right girl. It also seems to me like she is trying to keep you as sort of a rebound. She may try to go for other men/women and if she fails she may come crawling back to you, and let me tell you from experiences, you will get hurt like this. I am currently in a 6 month relationship. My first serious one ( i am 16) and I am absolutely in love. Before my relationship with this beautiful girl though, i was single for over a year. Sometimes you need to find yourself and know yourself, before you are ready to let someone into your life of that importance. You may need some self searching and find out who you are first. I personally hung out with my friends, and i wasn't SEARCHING for the right girl, i just found her. If there is anything i can do please let me know

hope i helped a little