Since April I've had this weird affliction, and I have an appointment next week with a dermatologist (to whom I intend to ask about it, but it would help if beforehand I can get an idea of what it is I might be suffering from).

The symptoms are as follows:

- Occasional tingling at one of the nostrils, about where they meet the cheek.
- Occasional tingling or itching at the edges of my lips.
- Redness accompanied by burning at the outer edges of the lips, accompanied by small, white, pimple-like formations. These pimple-like formations also seem to appear at random places near my nose and mouth, without the redness and burning. The burning sensation is relieved when I apply antibacterial ointment (Bacitracin Zinc, a tube of which I have in my possession), or medicated chapstick.
- Puffiness of the lips, especially when they are chapped (which has been oddly ongoing since Winter).
- Burning and redness of the eyes, usually at night, and typically relieved by a wet washcloth being applied. The burning seems to be focused at the inner portion, where that white gunk forms that dries as you sleep and hardens into the sand-like substance by morning.
- In late April, the knuckles on my hands went red and itching-burning upon entering a certain room at work while the ceiling fans were on at half speed. When I left the room, the redness and itching-burning began to subside. And the symptoms went away altogether when I left the building (it was cold and raining that day). Toward the end of the day, when I returned to the room after the fan speed had been lowered, I was able to endure remaining there without further symptoms.
- Small bumps on and around my nose, like tiny beads of sweat that have solidified and become opaque.
- A clogging sensation in my inner ears, sort of like the feeling you get when you're high up in an airplane and the change in atmospheric pressure causes them to feel stopped up.

I seem to get these things when I am under intense stress, or in hot, humid climes (especially when pollen and dust are high). I should point out that since early April, I have had intimate relations with a woman who gets cold sores from time to time as a result of HSV-1. I have not, however, experienced an outbreak. I asked my doctor if I might get tested to see if I had contracted the virus, but he said that would be pointless since something like eight or nine out of ten American adults have HSV-1 and by my age (33) I've probably been exposed to it countless times. So I don't know if I've contracted HSV-1 or not.

The symptoms typically subside in a day or two, or when I leave hot and humid environments for cold and dry ones; and the burning is relieved in the eyes by a wet washcloth while applying antibacterial ointment to the affected areas of my lips and face relieves the burning sensation. It's not cold sores, because if it were the antibacterial ointment would have no effect and the pimple-like things do not hurt. They are also spaced randomly, and not in clusters (though when I experienced the redness and burning at the edges of my lips, they did form along the edges in a sort of line on top of the redness). I've also has the pimple-like things appear on my penis, near the base, but that could be due to a combination of sweating and shaving the area regularly to maintain hygiene in the area.

I'm really not sure what to make of all this, and I'd really like to know what it is. I'm wondering if I've got Rosacea, or perhaps Urticaria.