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Am 18year old. . Am 5'5 inches tall n weigh bout 75kilo . . . I wanna reduce my weight by @least 15kg. . Pls help me out n am disparate 2 loose my weight. . .


Ok first of all have you checked with your GP or practice Nurse what your ideal weight should be.

Two I would suggest the key points to any weight loss is several small changes..

Ok to loose weight you need to eat less and do more!

If you don't walk then start walking... or even simple stair climbing anything that brings your pulse up and makes you breathe hard is a good start for 30 mins a day DONT do excercise till you hurt!

Eat breakfast it will stop you snacking and eating rubbish I have heard every excuse under the sun about why people "can't" but you can even if its a simple apple!

Make sure you eat small meals if you get hungry often and make sure its not all salad better to eat a small portion of what you like than deprive yourself.

I tend to have a glass of fizzy water before meals it makes me feel full faster. Caffine often makes me hungry too.

Faddy diets do not work but have you looked at your plate size? A large teaplate is the ideal portion control plate.

This is based on my own weight loss its not super fast but its healthy and if you excercise and eat properly you will loose weight and not have the saggy skin and for the ladies loss of the chest ( sorry seen so many crash diet ladies loose their twins I am giving it as a warning why crash diets are not healthy or wize)



With your height your ideal weight is around 51-65 kg you can do some popular diet and combine this with a great toning exercises. Dieting without an exercise would be a waste of time because these 2 always comes together no matter how much diet you do you still have to exercise otherwise your skin will be loose and saggy. ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed***