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I'm 19 ans I haven't came. (At least I don't think I have?) I can get myself to shake uncontroably and tense my muscles when I rub my clit. But every time me and my boyfriend have sex he always askes me if I cam and I have no idea. I wanna learn how to squirt. I watch porn and its sexyyy and I want my boyfriend to be amazed. How can I do it?


My suggestion is to do your homework on the female body (even though you "think" you might already know it) as I find the female orgasm to be on the the most incredible things I've ever experienced. Having a phenomenal sex life, and a multi-orgasmic girlfriend, she was never able to have a squirting orgasm. UNTIL I learned a few things that blew me away... SO much to the point that I just recently put together a blog to share what I have learned. I think you might find pretty interesting. Well, at least I hope that you do. Follow the us and you will learn a LOT of very valuable information.