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Good day good people.

I am really concerned about my daughter. She started to follow this nutrisytem diet program, because according to her fitness trainer, this is the best diet that they all can follow at this moment. I am really scared and unhappy with her decision, because she is only 17 years old.

I was reading about this diet program and I found a lot of positive things in there.

But, while I was talking with my neighbor Ella about it, she told me that this diet program is a pure scam. I really don’t know what to think now? Can you help me?



Good day darling,

I really understand why you are concerned. I am in the same situation with my nephew Sarah. She is on some diet program, and I have tried anything to find out about it as much as I can.

About this diet program, about nutrisystem, I really know, from my own experience that this one is healthy. I always say that you should consult your doctor first, especially if she is only 17 years old. That is my advice.

So far, this diet program is good, but you can never tell, right?

Good luck darling!  I hope that you will find a soution about this.



Hello girls,

So it is really hard for me to believe that some diet program, that is totally planned, just like nutrisystem diet plan can be a scam. It is almost impossible, because it is planned almost until the perfection. At the beginning, maybe it is a little bit hard to follow, but it is not impossible at all. So, don’t worry. I have to say that I don’t like this diet program that much, so I don’t follow it, but I know that this one is not a scam. I can say it is a real thing and you don’t have to be afraid about anything. 



What a relief. Thank you so much! I was so concerned because she is my daughter. OK, maybe she has some extra pounds, but that is not that scary as she thinks. Maybe I don’t think rationally, but I just want her to be happy. I will try to find some recipes to help her in this process. I will try to cook something for her and I hope that she will able to see that I want the best for her.

Wish me luck, because she is really hard head. She thinks she is very smart :)

Thank you girls, you are great!