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I am 13 years old. Never had any kind of sexual intercourse. I have masturbated a few times, but it only lasts for a few seconds and it doesn't feel nearly as good as everyone says it does. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, so any help?? I can NOT let my parents find out, so no toys, also I don't want to stick anything inside of me, and I heard using a shower faucet or anything can kill u in seconds from sending too much water and air inside of u.... Idk but I don't want to try that. So any ideas?!?!


Okay I take it you're a girl. And maybe you're not masturbating when you're aroused because you said it doesn't feel good. Shower faucet's are not going to kill you, and using toys/ items that can go inside are a good idea(just dont use anything that hurts obviously) Use your fingers to masturbate not only your clit, but also rub around the lips(vaginal). Maybe test out your fingers inside and see how that feels. As well as touching your breasts at the same time. See how that works. I may be a guy but I have some female friends who have shared this info with me so just thought it'd help you. good luck!:-|