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Hi, i an a 13yr old girl named sharlainah, i hav to lose weight because my mum said so and i hav purple stretch marks on my stomach, but i dont know how to because i dont like sport, but i like to do boxing in my garage with my punching bag.

She says i get it from my dad but i dont think so because i eat junk food when i get home bu ti cant help it. Wat do u think i should do?




First of all set your goal and focus just one thing that you can lose weight. But with eating junk food is not possible. Regular junk food will make you weak and it will cause you any kind of disease like heart problem, obesity, anxiety and so on.

You have to control yourself and avoid to eat junk food properly. If you can't control then just eat one day junk food in a day. Drink plenty of water in a day. Trying to do some yoga or exercise like pushups & pullups and plank etc.