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help i have the same problam as you mike81


prozac and many other antidepressants often sexually DYSFUNCTION the individual taking them. For questions regarding

schedule an appointment with a Urologist ASAP


SSRI Anti depressants (particularly paroxetine) have been proved to work for many people extending intercourse time anywhere between 5 to 15 times longer. But NOT any kind, look at the side effects, especially if you have some kind of mood disorder (excessive anxiety, fear or depression).  They must work similar to alcohol I guess, without having to get really wasted. 

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I have not yet tried SSRIs cause they require a doc's prescription.  I have personally found to have the best sex doing the following. Rest from all heavy exercise for at least three days. Then do some monster hike or extreme workout at the gym (I run up a mountain or do 90 min of intense gym). Start your work out/hike easy, don't hurt yourself!! Then eat a great meal with lots of carbs and fat, then rest for a few hours.  I then tend to get a monster erection and be much less sensitive, lasting several minutes when I usually come within 30 seconds. Sometimes getting a couple beers helps even more, but not always. Of course it doesn't work if you do it everyday. Also jerking off regularly to really hot porn and having a powerful orgasms help me be less sensitive the next time around



Same story here! Every good sex story I've ever had started with Liquor (Tequilla, etc..) When I Jerk off Im looking to cum quickly for the pleasure & at times I have to stop because It just won't cum. Now intercourse with a female is different I perfume myself fantasising of me dancing around in my champions hearing my partner saying " Your the best" lie 1stroke cum! What is it?


Paxil also has some nasty serious side effects and is highly addictive. I wouldn't recommend using paxil. not that it is related to the topic but my mom was prescribed paxil and had some nasty side effects both when she was on it and trying to stop taking it. violent fits, extreme depression and one attempted suicide. So do not take Paxil.


Here I'll tell you guys my secret. At first I would have sex like the king of the jungle. Then I got into masterbating and that's what I think threw me off my game. Muscle memory. Like someone mentioned during masterbation you don't regularly stimulate the head so it just sits there and gets soft. Next day you stick it into a nice warm, wet hole and the nerves are overloaded and cause you to ejaculate. The remedy?.. get in shape. Rest well, then run run and run, the better shape your thighs are in the more testosterone you'll produce, testosterone which naturally nums you and increases your sex drive. Eat very well no garbage(candy, fast food, fat foods.etc.). And try and have your penis head out during the day. Even if it rubbing on your trousers is irritating eventually it will 'toughen up' and be able to handle it. When you shower let the water beat on the head but be proffessional about it, don't masterbate,ejaculate, or find any pleasure in it. Keep it strictly business and toughen up the skin on your head. You might want to slap it with your Palm and just straight toughen it up. Do that for some days or weeks straight ( with no sex!) While being careful not to injure yourself. Think of it as a boot camp for your penis. By the time it's ready it would have been through he'll and the goal is to have it out up with so much feeling and nerve stimulation that wasn't satisfying that when you have sex your head is all like " so it's nice and warm and moist in here big deal I've been through worse). - gentlemen... If you stick to this and only if you stick to this read this last sentence with undivided attention... Your welcome. =)


I have the same problem bro. I have a girlfriend who loves me and understands if I break a nut fast. She loves me the way I am. We are actually deciding to get pregnant! She says, " as long as you make me a baby I'm fine with it. "


What really helped me was penile exercises, it is a tedious process and you may not want to commit around an hour a day for just penis health but for me this was a miracle. If you are willing to commit go to pegym and try JPs 90 day routine and I garuntee that you will see amazing results. Best of luck!


Dear Ninebreaker,

Here is what you need to know...

When your penis gets extremely sensitive during the initial start of sex you are experiencing
a DIFFERENT KIND OF ORGASM (similar to a woman's clitoral orgasm). What you don't realize is that EJACULATING is the SECOND KIND OF ORGASM that you naturally shift into because, like most men, it comes naturally and is more pleasurable. Just to prove my point, Notice when you decide to finally ejaculate how you can actually thrust for maybe a little while before you actually cum... this is because it is a SEPARATE FUNCTION.

What I am telling you is,
you can have the tip of your penis become extremely sensitive, but not ejaculate. And once you PASS this stage of penis head sensitivity (notice how I say PASS, not AVOID) your penis is ready for thrusting for a much longer time as the tip of your penis becomes slightly numb, similar to how a woman's clitoris becomes numb after orgasm.

SO here is what you do...

The next time you have sex, when you penis becomes sensitive, don't focus on activating kegal muscles like so many people may suggest, because this will increase sensitivity to your prostate and increase the odds of you cumming early. Instead pull your penis out slightly so just the tip is in and do some very small thrusts focusing on how sensitive your head is. IN FACT, I would even go as far as to say pull out completely because if you do small thrusts it will bring sensitivity to the 'base of the penis head' and this often starts an ejaculatory orgasm as well (but it is up to you). THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is to focus on the VERY TIP of the penis. But don't flex your penis using kegals to feel it, just let it be natural.

As you can see from all the pointers I'm giving you I have had my fair share of cumming early, hahaha. :D

While focusing on the tip, enjoy the sensitivity but DONT BE AFRAID OF IT, because it is a DIFFERENT KIND OF ORGASM, and IT DOESN'T MEAN it's the beginning of you cumming early! Don't think about holding your cum in, THINK ABOUT THE TIP OF YOUR PENIS ONLY. Continue to do so until the sensitivity subsides, this is the end of your "clitoral equivalent orgasm." (it's not as great as an ejaculatory orgasm, so don't think it's going to be mind blowing... Every girl will tell you the same, haha)

Now your penis is ready to do what the girl wants, BUT REMEMBER just because you've made it past the first obstacle doesn't mean there arn't more to come, so make sure you don't rush into it, slowly build your pace up and you'll be giving it to her like you always dreamed of!!!

I believe in you man! :D

I think what throws so many guys off is the fact that they think this PENIS HEAD SENSITIVITY is the start to their EJACULATORY ORGASM. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE!!!

THE BIGGEST ISSUE is that guys get SCARED of the sensitivity because they are so used to CUMMING AS SOON AS THEY FEEL SENSITIVE. And nothing makes a guy come faster than anxiety.

When your penis head gets sensitive, focus in on the head, NOT THE BASE OF the penis and allow the sensitivity to be enjoyed gently. Just like when a woman reaches clitoral orgasm she wants the clitoras to be treated gently. Just enjoy the tip sensitivity and don't think about ejaculating because remember that THEY ARE DIFFERENT. The only one making the ejaculation happen is you and your mind.
Sensitivity is good actually because it means that your penis is as sensitive as it should be! DON'T LET GUYS PUT YOU DOWN FOR HAVING A SENSITIVE PENIS, BECAUSE YOU CAN LAST JUST AS LONG AS THEY CAN AND ENJOY IT MORE! :D

Don't forget to take it slow at first and just keep still if you feel like you are shifting into an ejaculatory orgasm, I find it helps if I just breath naturally and focus my attention to my pelvis ABOVE my penis, not below, because that's where all the muscles that activate ejaculation are.

I hope my response helps you out and educated you on the HIDDEN complexities of the male sexual organs. Girls think they're the only ones who can be complex, HA! :D



This reply comes while after you reported the issue but you may still be in same situation so I will reply here and hope you will read this.

Issue you are describing is high sensitivity to stimulation, not all stimulation is same intensity.
By default your sexual organs have some level of sensitivity, and depending on the type of stimulation they get they ether get more sensitive or less sensitive.

If you stopped doing any kind of sexual stimulation for few weeks, you would become considerably more sensitive because your penis is not getting allot of stimulation.
If you start having highly stimulating experiences with strong and vigorous action, your sensitivity decreases.
This is how body adapts to its environment and you need to learn how to use this mechanism to get what you want.

When you masturbate you are in control and amount of stimulation(pressure, rhythm and force ) is carefully controlled by you, you apply only as much as feels great and no more, because adding more would make the experience less enjoyable, you reflexively avoid it. This means your sensitivity ether stays the same or actually increases, because you are stimulating right in the comfort zone of your body. Thats where the issue begins.

Now how you can fix this
You need to give your body allot more stimulation than it is used to, this will begin the process of getting your private parts less sensitive. When you masturbate apply considerably more pressure to sensitive parts, stroke much harder than usual, lube helps. You should feel pleasure and discomfort, the more discomfort you cause the more you are telling your body - this is normal stimulation, I am going to be having stimulation like this often, get used to it.
Take it at your own pace, it will be difficult your heart will race and blood with rush to your head and face, it will feel unbearable and at the same time pleasurable, take breaks to calm down.
But make sure when you masturbate you do it with allot of stimulation at least for period of time.

Moment of orgasm
Most important moment is when you orgasm and I can bet allot on the fact that your stimulation during masturbation almost completely stops, thats because you are too sensitive. So after your session with vigorous stimulation, always finish with vigorous stimulation when you orgasm. This is hard and needs allot of self control, but remember why you are doing this - you will be able to enjoy normal sex with your loved one.
Have your partner stroke you while you orgasm and not stop no matter what, this will feel incredibly numbingly pleasurable, and you will need to play with what intensity you can take, but gradually you will take more and more.

If you do this few times a week, sensitivity will begin to decrease and you may discover that you can have longer sex sessions with your partner. Keep at it and you will really begin to extend your p***y time. Get to the point where you feel comfortable having sex.

Next challenge
You will soon discover that having sex is just a first step, next is being able to enjoy orgasm inside your woman and that poses another challenge. When you are close to orgasm your penis fills with blood becoming allot harder, this causes more friction and increases sensitivity, this gets you in to same sensitivity issue you had initially but at the moment you orgasm, you will not want to move at all and sensation of orgasm will be diminished - Bummer

There is a way to overcome this, read below.

Get a practice toy
Get one of many available masturbation toys like meki or fleshlight, they usually offer more stimulation than real sex because of textures inside the sleeve. You will notice that right away, you may feel super sensitive shortly after you go in to the toy. But keep working on this, remember discomfort is you telling your body to become less sensitive. You cant overcome this issue without feeling discomfort. Same may muscle can not be built up without training.
When you reach orgasm with the toy, you got to keep it moving, it will be hard but clench your teeth and keep it moving.

Do this few times a week, work on it with your partner, before you know it you will be able to enjoy lasting sex with your partner and enjoyable orgasms.

Some notes
Use common sense and listen to your body, this process is not easy and takes dedication, but I feel that reward is worth it.
Be observant of your body but do not be too easy on yourself, the more stimulation you provide the faster your body will get used to it.
Take breaks.

At some point you will reach your result and sex will be enjoyable, orgasms will feel great - don't forget to stop there. You want to be as sensitive as possible to receive most pleasure but not too sensitive so you stop enjoying sex and have to drill for orgasm.
If reaching orgasm gets hard - take a break, stop stimulating.

goog luck


You would need to get use to it that's all this helps many people just keep practicing


what the hell. how encouraging. we r all long here and didnt knew that this is permanent until unlucky u commented and stated ur disaster. thanks. stewww


Hi ive had sex with over 100 womem since I started being sexually active at the age of 18 im 27 now (yes i use protection) and I've found that when it comes to this topic there's no one tellinStrokes he truth and that is for most of you is not a just you causing your overly sensitive sexual experiences its more than likely the woman you're with (I'm not saying anything bad about her its just that I've found that not all penises are compatible with all vaginas ex: once I dated this incredibly cute girl from my jobs at my local hospital she didn't really have the kind of body I liked (wasnt horrible just wasn't my preference) but everything else about her was perfect eventually she invite me over one night and things got hot and steamy as I went as I gently began to penetrate her I realized all my nerves where firing off all at once and I was even sliding in slowly but it didn't matter it felt like any all movement would be my last, suffice to say I only lasted 2 Strokes she said it was ok and we played arpund for a bit then went at it again and low and behold it happened again (I ended up giving her oral sex until she was satisfied) this went on every night for 4 nights straight eventually we just drifted apart. Later that that same month I met a girl I had a crush on in high school she had everyeverything the looks the body even a kind sex appeal that intemadated me a little we literally talked for two days befor she came to see me at my cousins house while he was gone we sat on a futon he had in the middle of his living room flirted and laughed for a bit and then ended up kissing she wanted me right then and there and as I watched her taking off her clothes and stood witness to her curves her soft skin and even noticed the alluring smell of her vagina (which in itself ignited a deep passion for her) a thought slowly crept into my mind if I couldn't last with the girl I was only kind of attracted to then there no way I'm gonna even make it past her putter vaginal lips. As I slowly inserted myself into her I notice something? There was no overly tingly feeling or sensitiveness instead it was replaced with a warm wet soft gripping feeling and when I strokeed it felt more like a massage then anything in fact I had to really work to get an orgasm (which she loved). I noticed through out the next few years of my sexual encounters that some womens vaginas made me feel overly stimulated some made me feel just kind of sensitive while others just felt good I even tried to stick it out with some hoping to get used to her (at best it might get somewhat better but It never completely went away at worst nothing would change) I've found that a woman's vaginal wall's firmness, softness, grip, texture, lossless, the kind of wetness she produces watery, oily, milky, a lot, some, almost none all these things combined play a significant roll in how she feels to you and yes each mans body is unique in its needs and will respond to each woman's different combination of these elements mildly to incredibly different. sadly there are no books or research on this and I doubt the small but informative bit of info will change much of anything all I can hope is that it reaches and helps at least one person to understand better what they're going through. If you with a woman that causes you to be overly sensitive during inter course that chances are she not the combination that bests suits your bodies wants...


I also have the same issue and also have tried everything nothing works. How ever just like someone mentioned drinking alcohol and having a buzz keeps me going long. Maybe these scientist should look into this, sounds like a money maker sorry ladies