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So I heard from an internet source that I can reverse type 2 diabetes.  I want to know what the supplement was to use to take care of this.  I have been diabetic for a long time and though I lost weight, I am still having trouble with my blood sugars.  I cannot remember the supplement that was suggested for the regulation for blood sugars.  So I can reverse my diabetes.  I have friends that are interested in this pill as well.  Would anyone know what it is.  I would pay good money for this. 


Hello, Guest... I wish there was such a magic supplement that existed because I would buy it as well!  Unfortunately, there isn't any such pill that will reverse type 2 diabetes.  You may be confusing it with cinnamon which has been known to help with blood sugar regulation, but it will not reverse diabetes nor will anything reverse it.  Once you have the diagnosis of diabetes, you have it for life.  However, you CAN manage it through diet, exercise, and losing weight, possibly needing oral diabetic medication or insulin.  You have the control within reach if you know you can dedicate yourself to the diet the doctor prescribes and exercise daily.  Exercise can be a 30 minute walk.  If you are not used to exercise, you can start off slowly but walking up the block and back.  As far as diet goes, try to think of the things you CAN eat, not the things you think you will miss.  You can have strawberries and diet jello, diet pudding with some low-fat cookies... there are all kinds of things you can eat on a diabetic diet.  We have the luxury of the Internet where we can get all kinds of recipes and other meal ideas to make our meals taste scrumptious yet healthy.

Who has some yummy diabetic recipes to share?