I am 19 year old male, sexually straight, and in the past 5 months I have had 4 different partners however I used a condom everytime except for a couple days ago.  I have received oral from some of these girls but they didn't appear to have anything on their lips.  I have always had some bumps in my pubic area but I was told they were just shaving bumps.  A few days ago I had unprotected sex with a girl who was on her period.  The very next morning my penis was a little sore figured it was from going too hard. However later on that day i noticed my penis looked kinda shriveled and a little swollen and there was little rash developing on my lower abdomen/pubic area.  Now its the day after and I have very small painful/itchy whiteheads along my penis shaft maybe 4 of them and i have some red dots on my upper thigh area what could this be?? I'm getting checked for everything tomorrow but Im really worried.  I have no sickness feeling, no headaches, no discharge, no pain during urination, not cuts or open sores anywhere.  Could this be a yeast infection? Please help thank you